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Hong Kong, March 30, 2010

Deutsche Bank announces participation at EXPO 2010 Shanghai

Supports final station of ‘Germany and China – Moving Ahead Together’ initiative

Deutsche Bank today announced its participation at the World EXPO 2010. Held in Shanghai, China, from 1 May to 31 October 2010, the EXPO is a 150-year old exhibition which promotes the exchange of ideas, the development of the world economy, culture, science and technology. Themed ‘Better City, Better Life’, the EXPO is expected to attract 70 million visitors.

The Bank’s participation is collaboration with the final station of ‘Germany and China – Moving Ahead Together’, a three year initiative organised by the Federal Republic of Germany in China. Under the joint patronage of German President Horst Köhler and Chinese President Hu Jintao, the project has successfully promoted Germany-Chinese cooperation and Germany’s image as an innovative country.

EXPO 2010 Shanghai represents the final station of the project, which between 2007 and 2009 attracted a combined 1.3 million visitors from five separate events held in large Chinese cities. Under the theme of ‘sustainable urbanization’, the project will be presented both within the Forum of ‘balancity’, the German national pavilion, as well as within the initiative’s own-setting – the ‘German-Chinese House’.

Forum inside the German Pavilion: Faces of ‘Germany and China – Moving Ahead Together’

Within the Forum of the German Pavilion, Deutsche Bank is supporting ‘Germany and China – Moving Ahead Together’ with an interactive multimedia display on carbon trading. The display features Deutsche Bank’s Feng Gao, Head of Global Markets, China, and Theodore Backhouse, Head of Environmental Financial Products, Asia.

“We are delighted to be supporting ‘Germany and China – Moving Ahead Together’ at the World EXPO,” said Feng Gao. “It is particularly pleasing to make this commitment in Shanghai, where Deutsche Bank made its first venture outside of Germany in 1872. From humble beginnings, we have now grown to be an important partner in China’s developing financial services industry.”

“Deutsche Bank has an award winning emissions trading team, and we are very happy to share our expertise at the EXPO,” said Mr. Backhouse. “We are playing a significant role in stimulating emissions reductions, and are involved in some 25 Clean Development Mechanism projects in 15 provinces of China. Together they could cut more than 180 million tons of carbon equivalent emissions by 2013.”

Faces of ‘Germany and China – Moving Ahead Together’ provides personal insights into the three-year programme. It points to areas relevant to sustainable development, including city planning, architecture, protection of nature, transportation, social systems, urban life and culture.

The ‘German-Chinese House’

‘Germany and China – Moving Ahead Together’ is also represented within its own setting – a two story construction made of environmentally-friendly bamboo. Located a few minutes by foot from the German Pavilion, it is the only EXPO setting that does not represent a country, city, region, international organisation or company. The German-Chinese House will be open for two months, from 1 May to 30 June.

The highlight of the German-Chinese house is an interactive city game which demonstrates the challenges of urbanization. Developed by Peking Art Academy and RWTH Aachen, the game allows participants to design and contribute one block to a larger mega-city using the outline of their bodies. A unique code allows participants to download their block from the internet.

As an Official Partner, Deutsche Bank is represented within the house and will display its vision of sustainability on a “Partner Board’. In addition, the Bank’s best practices in sustainability will be documented on the game’s microsite, and will highlight projects including Greentowers, the sustainable modernization and renovation of the Bank’s Frankfurt headquarters - and Solar Impulse, an ultra light manned solar powered aircraft that will fly around the world in 2011.

‘Germany and China – Moving Ahead Together’

The World EXPO marks the end of the ‘Germany and China – Moving Ahead Together’ project, which had previously visited Nanjing (autumn 2007), Chongqing (spring 2008), Guangzhou (autumn 2008), Shenyang (spring 2009) and Wuhan (autumn 2009). As one of six official corporate partners, and in collaboration with the Asia Pacific Committee of German Business (APA) and the Goethe Institute, Deutsche Bank participated in the project under the theme ‘Banking on Green’.

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