Media Release December 20, 2017

Wealth Management publishes investment outlook for 2018

  • Chief Investment Officer Christian Nolting’s advice is to stay invested
  • Expect positive returns on investments but raised volatility
  • The top 10 topics for investments

Deutsche Bank Wealth Management has published its annual outlook for 2018. In a report entitled “Reality check 2018”, Wealth Management investment strategists analyse their 10 key topics for the coming investment year. You can download the publication here.

On the whole, positive if lower returns on investments are expected – however, with higher volatility levels than 2017. A key driver will be the financial markets’ confidence in central banks, which are currently in transition mode and have to skilfully achieve the shift to a tighter monetary policy.

“Although we expect a similar macro environment in the coming year – 2018 will be different,” says Christian Nolting, Chief Investment Officer, Deutsche Bank Wealth Management. “Investors need to be realistic about what is achievable and try at all times to avoid complacency,” because “forewarned is forearmed” – a key topic in the investment outlook for 2018.


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