News April 20, 2018

Printer innovation saves 27 tonnes of waste a year

Printers that require colleagues to swipe their ID cards before printing have saved 27 tonnes of waste paper a year.

The “follow me” print technology has already driven a dramatic change with paper dropping from 35 percent of the total waste produced by the bank to 17 percent in 2017.

Nick Iles, Corporate Services, said the technology has reduced the bank’s impact on the environment. “This has encouraged colleagues to print only when it is most needed. We have seen reductions in printing of up to 75 percent in some areas of the bank.”

He also pointed to the wider environmental benefits. “We’re able to reduce our carbon footprint by not having to order as much paper as we used to. The bank also uses less toner which also helps the environment.”

Before the new printers were installed, paper was the largest contributor to waste produced by the bank, but is now the third largest component. The initiative has been successfully rolled out across Europe and is planned to be installed across the globe.

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