News June 19, 2019

dbSelect is Best Managed Account Platform of the Year

Deutsche Bank’s managed account platform, dbSelect, recently received HFM Europe’s “Best Managed Account Platform” award.

The award from the hedge fund research and consulting firm recognizes managed account platforms which have excelled in the service they have provided their hedge fund clients over the past 12 months.

Launched in 2004, dbSelect connects investors with hedge fund managers. With more than 85 strategies to choose from, dbSelect is a cash-efficient, flexible way for connecting investors to hedge fund managers. The platform provides exposure to FX, CTA, Commodity, Macro, Risk Premia, Equity L/S and Market Neutral strategies.

“We can offer highly customized solutions, beyond what most managers could provide themselves to their investors, something that very few banks have the capability of doing. Typical use cases involve international distribution capabilities, bespoke derivative access, leverage, or just simplified access to a basket of active managers. dbSelect both enhances the manager’s capabilities and makes allocating to hedge funds easier and more flexible for investors,” said Devin Anderson, US Head of Solutions Sales & Structuring.

A short animated video introduces dbSelect to new clients. The video focuses on the platform’s differentiation from other products on the market.

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