Media Release March 11, 2020

Deutsche Bank announces decision to redeem Trust Preferred Securities and not to call Additional Tier 1 Notes

Deutsche Bank today announced its decision to redeem the USD 800 million 6.55% Trust Preferred Securities of Deutsche Bank Contingent Capital Trust II (“DB CCT II”, ISIN: US25153X2080) on 26 May 2020 (i.e., the first business day following the scheduled May 23, 2020 payment date). The formal redemption notice will be delivered in accordance with the terms of the Trust Agreement governing the securities.

Deutsche Bank also announced that it will not exercise its option to redeem the USD 1.25 billion 6.25% Additional Tier 1 (AT1) Notes (ISIN: XS1071551474) on 30 April 2020, the first available call date for such securities.

These decisions reflect the Bank’s stated strategy of evaluating all call decisions primarily on an economic basis in order to manage the Bank’s cost of funding, taking due account of market conditions and the current and future regulatory value of the respective capital instruments.

For further information please contact:
Deutsche Bank AG
Investor Relations
+49 800 910-8000 (Frankfurt)


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