News August 12, 2020

Deutsche Bank issues Climate Statement

Perito Moreno Frank Thiel: Perito Moreno #01, 2012/13 ©VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2020

By publishing its climate statement today, Deutsche Bank is providing a brief summary of its diverse approaches to fighting climate change. This delivers transparency on the numerous climate-related activities in all areas of the bank.

"We play a crucial role in climate protection," says CEO Christian Sewing. “We are the gateway to the capital market. We have the wherewithal to finance sustainable investments and to raise the necessary investment capital. We are driven by a very strong conviction to help shape the global change to a sustainable, climate-neutral and social economy Wand to support our customers in their transformation.”

Deutsche Bank regards climate change as the major challenge of the next few years. The bank has made repeated public commitments to the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement - for example by signing the Paris Pledge for Action in 2016 and, more recently, the climate commitment of the German financial sector. Its climate statement now underscores this once again.

The statement summarises the bank's stance on climate protection and its package of measures to fight climate change – from sustainable financing to its own climate footprint and the commitment of its employees. Senior managers from various areas of the bank have their say, as does Christian Sewing.

The bank's climate statement can be downloaded at the bottom.

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