News March 3, 2022

Ukraine and Russia: support for corporate clients

Deutsche Bank has set up a task force and dedicated website to address the most pressing questions of corporate and institutional clients – from sanctions to market impact.

The situation in Ukraine and Russia means many of the bank’s corporate and institutional clients with business interests in these countries are facing considerable challenges: How to manage volatility in FX? How can companies pay their bills in Russia? What does the current situation mean for a company’s manufacturing units in that region? – to name but a few.

Key information for our clients

To help the bank’s clients across Europe stay up to date with the recent developments and the impact on their business, the bank has set up a portal that provides information on the economic impact of the Russian attack on Ukraine.

Ukraine attack – information portal for companies

The website offers answers to the many questions that are now being asked, especially by companies with global operations. The site provides useful links and information on a wide range of relevant topics, from recent developments to sanctions or market implications. New information is continually being added.

Essential support for client advisors

To provide the bank’s client advisors across Europe with critical information in this fast-moving situation, Deutsche Bank’s Corporate Bank has set up dedicated task force over the weekend.

The team, consisting of 20 colleagues from across the Corporate Bank’s core business and infrastructure functions, keeps a close eye on legal, financial and regulatory aspects of the situation and prepares key information for our client advisors. Within the first 24 hours, the team addressed more than 150 queries from the bank’s clients – and demand remains high.

Ukraine task force for corporate and institutional clients

Deutsche Bank statement from 24 February, 2022:

“We are deeply concerned about the attack on a sovereign European country and that the borders in Europe are being questioned. First and foremost, our thoughts are with the people in Ukraine, with our colleagues and clients.

Of course, we will continue to abide by political decisions and sanctions. We have prepared for different scenarios and have contingency plans in place. We have reduced our exposure to Russia significantly over recent years and the risks are well contained.”

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