Agricultural commodities and food prices

"Agricultural commodities and food speculation" is a topic that affects everyone. World hunger is an urgent challenge and will continue to grow in the future. Food security is a vital part of the solution. One way to help combat the challenge is to invest in soft commodities and the entire agricultural value chain.

Agricultural commodities

This is certainly a controversial debate. To some people, food futures markets are simply ’betting on food’. That raises the question of whether participating in markets for soft commodities can ever be justified. Based on scientific evidence, Deutsche Bank’s position is that participation is not just a ’can’ but a ’must’. We explain the background issues and provide answers to the frequently asked questions.

The underlying questions are extremely important. Does food speculation really cause increases in price and price volatility? What really creates shortages of food staples like wheat, corn and soy in many parts of the world?

We aim to objectify the underlying debate and investigate key positions of both proponents and opponents. Additionally, we reply to current topics. Furthermore, by highlighting AATIF, we provide a practical example of improving food security through financial instruments.

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