October 4, 2018

Deutsche Bank earns top spot among DAX 30 companies for its HR Report

Deutsche Bank once again takes first place in the renowned Human Capital Report (HCR10) ranking

For the second consecutive year, the bank’s Human Resources report has been rated the best of all DAX 30 companies in Saarland University’s HCR10 ranking. Both the HR Report itself and the human-capital data in the Annual Report and in the Non-Financial Report have been given top marks. The bank has thus defended the first place position it was awarded last year, having moved up from second place in 2016. Its ranking has improved steadily ever since it started off in 11th position in 2011.

“The gap between companies striving for transparency in human capital reporting and those tending to disguise results is widening all the time,” says Professor Christian Scholz of Saarland University. For many years, the Institut für Managementkompetenz (Institute for Management Competence) at the University has been comparing how large companies based in Germany report on their efforts and strategies in the field of human resources. The institute developed the HRC10 standard in 2010, which is now also the prototype for the international standard (ISO 30414) expected by the end of the year.

Our colleagues from the Human Resources and Communications departments worked together to produce the 2017 Human Resources Report, identifying key metrics and summarising the bank’s personnel work. In this connection, it is not a question of standardising HR work. Rather, the aim is to assess HR strategy across the company. This rounds out the financial criteria that companies report on and against which they are measured and compared. “We want to know how companies treat their employees and how much they value them,” explained Scholz.

In the current HR Report, the bank provides information on the composition and development of its workforce in 2017. In doing so, it demonstrates its efforts in the area of further training and promoting the health of its staff and how it recruits the next generation of employees. Diversity and gender equality are also covered.

You can read the Report here.