May 19, 2006

Deutsche Bank completes purchase of 9.9% stake in Hua Xia Bank

Deutsche Bank today announced that it has completed the purchase of a total of 416,000,000 shares or 9.9% of the issued capital of Hua Xia Bank in China. This follows the announcement in October 2005 of an agreement to buy the shares pending regulatory approvals, which were granted in recent months. Deutsche Bank AG purchased 295,000,000 shares (7.02%) and Deutsche Bank Luxembourg S.A. 121,000,000 shares (2.88%) in Hua Xia Bank, which is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

Rainer Neske, Deutsche Bank's Global Head of Private and Business Clients and a Member of the Group Executive Committee said, "For us the strategic partnership with Hua Xia Bank is a meaningful and important step. We are already underway with detailed discussions on areas of commercial cooperation."

Deutsche Bank and Hua Xia Bank have signed a wide ranging cooperation agreement which includes Deutsche Bank exclusively developing credit cards, as well as partnering in affluent customer business, the distribution of investment products, and cash management services. Deutsche Bank will also provide comprehensive technical support and assistance to Hua Xia Bank to further strengthen its existing franchise in risk management, retail and corporate banking. Deutsche Bank has also been granted one seat on Hua Xia Bank's board.

Colin Grassie, Chief Executive Officer of Deutsche Bank Asia Pacific, added:" This acquisition enables Deutsche Bank to participate directly in the development of the rapidly expanding retail financial services sector in China."

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