September 1, 2010

Deutsche Bank enhances Autobahn FX

Deutsche Bank's electronic FX trading platform, AutobahnFX, has launched the first full service options orders platform, offering clients the ability not just to view streaming prices but also to place option orders in multiple ways, including in vol terms. In addition, the bank has committed to becoming the first bank to offer a "Deal done" pledge for electronic FX options trading.

The new FX options service, called the Automated Tool for Orders Management  will provide clients with the ability to trade FX options in a flexible and personalised manner. Deutsche Bank was the first bank to offer streaming FX options prices and will now extend the service so that clients will have the opportunity to actively manage their positions by transacting within the given bid/ask spread.

Commenting on the new service, Kevin Rodgers, Global Head of FX Derivatives at Deutsche Bank said, "This new service is a direct response to requests from clients who want to ensure they're able to trade quickly and efficiently. We have a long standing commitment to the electronic trading market and are pleased we have the technology and resources to offer this service. We will continue to find new ways to innovate and to improve the service offering to clients."

The "Deal Done" pledge will involve changing Deutsche Bank's terms and conditions to commit to all trades being done unless there is a clear manifest error.

Comments Rodgers, "We know how frustrating it is for our clients to have a trade cancelled at the last moment due trade mispricing. We have the ability to ensure we can manage this risk and believe that offering clients this additional reassurance is key to building long term relationships as we help them to manage their daily FX requirements."

Key features & benefits

  • Multiple ways to work an option order: Orders can now be placed in terms of vol, premium, pips and % of notional
  • Fixed delta or tenor orders are now possible: Clients can choose to place an order at a certain date or tenor and strike or delta.
  • Orders can be placed on different of strategies: vanillas, straddles, strangles, risk reversals and generic spreads.
  • Hybrid order interaction by the trading desk and streaming price: Greater interaction with the Deutsche Bank trading teams gives greater opportunity to trade inside the bid/offer spread and ahead of time.
  • Access to more trading books' liquidity:  ATOM allows clients to connect more to Deutsche Bank axes.
  • Greater flexibility on option order settings: Clients can easily manage under what conditions an order remains active and for how long including termination date and blackout periods.
  • Innovative Automatic Cancel feature: Clients can set parameters on which their order will automatically cancel giving greater protection from market swings.

For further information, please call:

Deutsche Bank AG   

Michelle Gathercole    
Phone: +44 (0) 20 7545 4249


About Deutsche Bank

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