April 25, 2007

Deutsche Bank gives international investors unprecedented "aXess" to GCC market

Deutsche Bank today announced the expansion of "aXess" to include markets of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). "aXess" is a suite of structured equity products that address the demand of international investors by providing full economic exposure to a wide range of markets across the globe.

The GCC states are among the fastest growing economies in the world with very compelling macro-economic fundamentals. Local stock markets currently possess one of the fairest valuation levels and have low correlation with other markets providing an excellent method for diversification. This unique combination of factors is driving increased investor interest in the region. By deploying aXess into the GCC Deutsche Bank is facilitating local investment by international investors.

Deutsche Bank "aXess" products allow investors to obtain immediate exposure to the performance of local shares via a Luxembourg listed instrument which is settled via Euroclear in US Dollars. Deutsche Bank acts as market maker and provides comprehensive price transparency. This "aXess" product suite expands on Deutsche’s market leading equity derivative and swap offering for the region. Deutsche Bank will initially provide access to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain and Qatar.

Kerim Derhalli, Global Head of Emerging Markets Equities for Deutsche Bank comments, "Providing 'aXess' to the GCC builds on our extensive strategic commitment to the Middle East and North Africa.  By furthering Deutsche Bank’s innovative and market leading product offering we continue to strengthen our premium emerging markets position."

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