June 3, 2008

Deutsche Bank launches first FX Investment Product on the Electronic Structured Deposits Platform via Autobahn® FX

Deutsche Bank, the world’s number one FX bank, has launched its new FX structured deposit platform, which will enable clients to trade structured FX investment products via Autobahn® FX, the bank’s proprietary platform for FX trading.

The first product available on the new platform will be a Dual Currency Investment product, a short term deposit that offers higher returns than are available on plain vanilla deposits. In exchange, investors accept the risk that the principal may be repaid in a different currency.

The platform and its products are designed to be used by financial institutions wishing to offer FX linked investments and hedging products to their clients, while corporate and institutional investors will benefit from its simplicity. In addition, these offerings enhance the foreign exchange product suite that Deutsche Bank, which has a 21.7% global FX market share*, is providing to private wealth management clients.

John Bartter, who oversees Options and Structured Products in e-Commerce Sales, commented: “Deutsche Bank has long realised the need for accessible, convenient products for direct and third party clients. Private Wealth clients are increasingly looking to FX as a preferred asset class and we are well positioned to provide services and products to this market. This product fits the growing demands for higher yielding cash deposits within the wealth management segment.”

* 2008 Euromoney Magazine Poll – Deutsche Bank, Number one FX Investment Bank for the fourth year running with 21.7% global market share and 58.66% E-trading market share

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