June 9, 2010

Deutsche Bank presents works from its contemporary art collection in Buenos Aires: “Beuys and Beyond – Teaching as Art”

To commemorate the 200th anniversary of Argentina’s independence, Deutsche Bank is pleased to join forces with Centro Cultural Recoleta (CCR) to present Beuys and Beyond – Teaching as Art. This is the third exhibition of works from the corporate collection which is touring seven renowned Latin American museums, and the first presented in partnership with CCR. Previous Deutsche Bank exhibitions included “Return of the Giants” (2003/2004), featuring figurative German painting, and the photography show “More than Meets the Eye” (2006/2007).

Beuys and Beyond – Teaching as Art is showing Beuys in dialogue with his students Lothar Baumgarten, Jorg Immendorff, Imi Knoebel, Blinky Palermo, Katharina Sieverding and Norbert Tadeusz. This principle of juxtaposition is applied to various Latin American art scenes: At each location, works by indigenous artists and teachers are shown together with works by Beuys and his students. Beuys’ quote “To be a teacher is my greatest work of art” demonstrates the importance he attached to teaching.

“The exhibition touches on two subjects that are important to Deutsche Bank around the globe: art and education,” says Friedhelm Hütte, Global Head of Art, Deutsche Bank. “We welcome the opportunity to share works from the collection with such prominent institutions across Latin America.”

After the first venue in Santiago de Chile, Beuys and Beyond will now be shown at the Centro Cultural Recoleta in Buenos Aires. At CCR, the curator Elio Kapszuk has selected the influential artist Pablo Siquier to counterpoint Joseph Beuys and to show works in conjunction with Diego Bianchi, Tomas Espina, Leopoldo Estol, Luciana Lamonthe, Elisa Strada, and Carlos Huffman. For these six artists Siquier played an important role as a mentor. The diversity of artistic pursuits in the exhibition testifies to the concept of an open forum of ideas encouraged by both Siquier and Beuys. Encouraging a dialogue and promoting the interaction of ideas is a shared method of learning that further unites the fourteen artists in the exhibition.

For 30 years, Deutsche Bank has consistently pursued the goal of opening its corporate collection to an ever wider public. Under the motto Art works, the collection today is one of the largest and most historically comprehensive in the world and is made accessible through tours, organized exhibitions such as this one, or as loans to museums and cultural institutions. Enabling creative talent is key to building better communities, advocated through purchases for the corporate collection, through prizes, and through grants. Commissioning new works by young, innovative and international artists is part of the agenda of the Deutsche Guggenheim in Berlin, a unique joint venture between Deutsche Bank and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation founded in 1997.

Beuys and Beyond – Teaching as Art
June 10 – July 18, 2010
Centro Cultural Recoleta
Junín 1930, (C.P. 1113) Buenos Aires, Argentina

More information about the exhibition is available at: www.centroculturalrecoleta.org
More information on the bank’s art activities is available at: www.db-artmag.com


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