June 30, 2014

Deutsche Bank publishes Human Resources Report 2013

Today marks the first publication of Deutsche Bank’s Human Resources Report. The report provides information on the strategic agenda of the Bank's global Human Resources (HR) department, as well as transparency on key employee figures.

“By publishing our Human Resources Report, we are committed to leading the way so we can give our stakeholders a comprehensive picture of our strategic Human Resources work. Human Resources supports Deutsche Bank's Strategy 2015+ in driving forward cultural change and ensuring that the new values are sustainably embedded across the Bank”, said Stephan Leithner, Member of the Management Board and the Group Executive Committee of Deutsche Bank with functional responsibility for Human Resources.

The long-term success of a company is closely linked to effective HR management. For this reason, Deutsche Bank is moving ahead with strategic HR initiatives on topics such as diversity, management responsibility, talent management, recruiting, and the alignment of compensation structures, all of which are covered in the report.

One major focus of the report is how the Bank's new values and beliefs are being integrated into all HR management systems and processes. Furthermore, the report also explains how the Bank's activities and programs will be used to recruit and retain the best talent. It also presents Diversity Strategy 2.0, designed by Deutsche Bank to further promote the diversity of its workforce.

The Human Resources Report 2013 can be downloaded from Deutsche Bank’s website at https://www.deutsche-bank.de/ir/en/content/reports_2013.htm.

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