May 14, 2007

Deutsche Bank: Reliable Corporate Citizen with Global Corporate Social Responsibility Programme

Today Deutsche Bank presented its “Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2006”, documenting already for the fifth consecutive year the bank’s commitment to society: Deutsche Bank and its foundations allocated a total of € 85.2 million for culture and community development around the world. “Again last year, we were a reliable and esteemed corporate citizen,” said Dr. Tessen von Heydebreck, member of Deutsche Bank’s Management Board responsible for its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, at the presentation of the report.

Deutsche Bank’s global spending for culture and society amounted to more than € 1,200 per staff member in 2006. Compared internationally, this is the top figure for commercial enterprises. Although total spending declined slightly compared to the previous year, by € 4.5 million, this reduction was due to the one-time effect from the donations the bank provided for the victims of the tsunami in Asia, hurricane Katrina and the earthquake in Pakistan.

With 49% of the sponsorship volume, the bank’s home market Germany remained the primary focal point of its CSR activities, followed by North and South America (23%) and the UK (10%). “We are continually becoming more international as a partner for society. In particular in Asia, where our business is growing stronger, our corporate social responsibility commitment is increasing, too. We would like to make a global contribution to stabilizing the development of society and the economy,” stated Dr. von Heydebreck.

Deutsche Bank thus makes a commitment around the world to numerous initiatives and projects in four main areas: community development, education and science, music, and art. € 41.6 million or nearly half (49%) of the total budget went to community development projects, which also comprises disaster relief assistance. To education and science, the bank provided € 20.2 million or 24% of the total budget last year. € 13.1 million (15%) and € 6.5 million (8%) were allocated to benefit music and art.

Education – a uniting feature in Deutsche Bank’s CSR commitment

Tessen von Heydebreck: “Once again, we focused on educational projects that interface with the economy, along with cultural education programmes and initiatives that prepare young people for the world of work.” Thus, for example, an initiative launched throughout Germany in 2005 was continued again this year: “General Financial Education” is a programme that up to 250 schools in Germany can participate in. 120 advisors received special training to give schoolchildren orientation in handling money and financial matters.
Significantly more employee volunteering

Within the framework of volunteer programmes, Deutsche Bank’s staff members in 2006 committed themselves on a voluntary basis on 9,843 days. This was 2,000 more days than in the previous year. “In accordance with our motto, ‘we give more than money,’ it is important to us, also in the future, to link our projects and initiatives even closer to the company and our employees,” according to Dr. von Heydebreck.

Deutsche Bank also increased the ongoing training of its staff members. Last year, € 1,757 per employee was expended on average for training, and thus 7% more than in the previous year. In 2005, this figure was already at € 1,583.

At the project level, Deutsche Bank expanded its commitment in microfinance, an important instrument in fighting poverty internationally. In total to date, Deutsche Bank has made it possible through its funds to extend microcredits amounting to USD 309 million to nearly 700,000 people. Currently, Deutsche Bank is working with partners from social organizations to issue what will be called the “Eye Fund” to support eye clinics in developing countries with start-up financing.

Sustainability and climate protection as a management task

Years ago, Deutsche Bank had already developed a comprehensive climate protection strategy to promote, among other things, the use and development of renewable energies. Thus, since January 2006, the bank has drawn 20% of its power needs in Germany from renewable energies. Deutsche Bank’s commitment as the main sponsor of the first solar flight around the world planned for 2011 (the “Solar Impulse” project) illustrates the value Deutsche Bank places on sustainability and climate protection.

Additional information on Deutsche Bank’s corporate social responsibility activities is available at The “Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2006” available now in German will also be published in English toward the end of June and can be ordered per e-mail from or, in Germany, by calling (01805) 802200.

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