October 16, 2006

Deutsche Bank reorganises Global Research

Deutsche Bank today announced it has restructured its Global Research platform into three globally integrated groups: Global Company Research; Global Equity Strategies & Quantitative Methods; Global Fixed Income Strategies & Economics.

Guy Ashton, currently Head of European Company Research, will assume the new role of Head of Global Company Research. Stuart Parkinson, who was previously Chief Operating Officer of Global Research, will become the Head of Global Equity Strategies & Quantitative Methods, an area encompassing Macro Equity Strategy, Equity Strategy Products, Equity Derivatives Strategy, Equity Focus and Alternative Investment Strategy.  The Global Fixed Income Strategies & Economics group will now also contain Quantitative and Fundamental Credit Strategy, and will be headed by Marcel Cassard.  Ross Jobber will become Chief Operating Officer for Global Research, having previously been Associate Director of European Company Research.

Complementing these appointments will be a newly strengthened regional management team: Pascal Costantini in Europe ex-Germany; Andreas Neubauer in Germany; Michael Spencer in Asia-Pacific; and Karen Weaver in the Americas.
All of these appointments will report to David Folkerts-Landau, Head of Global Research, and take effect immediately.

David Folkerts-Landau, Head of Global Research, said “We have achieved a great deal in the past two years since we merged our Equity and Fixed Income Research groups, with increased company coverage and sustained external rankings. This reorganisation will allow us to respond more flexibly to changing business and market priorities, and to focus more directly on the monetisation of research through the continuous development of new products.”

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