October 18, 2007

Deutsche Bank´s db x-trackers EONIA ETF most successful ETF launch to date

db x-trackers’ EONIA ETF, launched just four months ago, has become the most successful European ETF to date with EUR 1 billion invested in the ETF. This brings assets raised via Deutsche Bank’s db x-trackers ETF platform to EUR 4 billion across Europe in the 10 months since the platform’s launch. With 49 ETFs Deutsche Bank is already the third largest ETF provider in Europe and in the top 5 when measured by assets under management. db x-trackers ETFs are listed on four European exchanges in Germany, Italy, Switzerland and the UK.

The EONIA index ETF gives investors daily access to the Eurozone overnight money market rate as determined by the European Central Bank through a stock exchange listed product.

“Our ETFs linked to the EONIA money market index, the DJ Euro Stoxx 50 Index and those on emerging market Indices have been especially popular and have seen the biggest inflow of new money. Given the current level of inflows in our EONIA ETF, it has the potential to become the biggest ETF across Europe during 2008”, says Thorsten Michalik, Head of db x-trackers.”

The portfolio of equity ETFs, which includes 9 ETFs on emerging market indices, has seen over EUR 2 billion of assets raised.

“We have demonstrated that db x-trackers ETFs are a low cost and efficient index tracking product backed by our market commitment and have established Deutsche Bank as a major player in the European ETF market,” said Michalik.

In the coming months Deutsche Bank will be launching a further 40 db x-trackers ETFs covering money market indices, currency indices, short indices and some more emerging market indices.

As at 30 September 2007 there were 1,095 ETFs available globally with EUR 552 billion assets. In Europe there were 396 ETFs with over EUR 87 billion. The market forecast for AuM by 2011 is at EUR 1.2 trillion. ETFs on fixed income indices, especially in Europe, will be one of the main drivers of the increase in AuM.

For further information please go to www.dbxtrackers.com

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