June 4, 2009

Deutsche Bank supports Yona Friedman's Venice Biennale Project

This year Deutsche Bank will once again be supporting a major project at the Venice Biennale. The main sponsor of Isa Genzken's installation 'Oil' at the German Pavillion in 2007,  Deutsche Bank will now sponsor Yona Friedman's project "Ville Spatiale - Visualization of an Idea", which will be shown as part of the 2009 international art exhibition "Fare Mond / Making Worlds / Weltenmachen".  The exhibition, organized by Biennale curator Daniel Birnbaum, will be comprised of works by more than 90 artists and artists groups from around the world and will be on display from June 7 to November 22, 2009. 

Within this context, Yona Friedman's project will play a central role at the Arsenale venue.  Together with a group of international students, he will present a floating, grid-like structure suspended from the ceiling of the exhibition space.  Models of utopian urban architecture, created on site, will be integrated into the structure.  Beneath the installation, works by artists such as Carsten Höller will be presented alongside new positions from artists such as Susan Hefuna and Marjetica Potrc, who both refer to Friedman's work but in very different ways. Born in Budapest in 1923, Friedman's architectural vision of flexible and democratic urban planning has made him known within the art world as well, in 2002 he was invited to participate in Documenta 11 and he participated in the Venice Biennale for the first time in 2003.  

With this new installation, Friedman picks up on an idea that he began investigating in the 1950's.  The "Ville Spatiale" is a megastructure that extends over the city and becomes a second level of livable space.  Within this spatial system, inhabitants are free to individually design their own living world.  Friedman's Biennale project is also the continuation of a 2008 project at Portikus Frankfurt, which he completed in collaboration with students from the Staedel School run by Daniel Birnbaum.  The Portikus project was sponsored by the Deutsche Bank Stiftung, which has been a committed sponsor of this important platform for contemporary art since 1999.

The art sponsoring activities of Deutsche Bank are a sustained contribution to the development of our global culture. Under the motto "Fostering Creativity" the company sponsors promising young artists on an international level and invests in new ways to promote contemporary art.  Inclusive dialogue with young artists, the interdisciplinary nature of Yona Friedman's project, the investigation of urban problems and the articulation of alternative ideas for building the cities of the future all reflect the Bank's philosophy of social engagement.

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