April 2, 2008

Deutsche Bank voted world's best prime broker

Deutsche Bank Global Prime Finance has secured the number one position as the leading global provider of prime brokerage.

In the worldwide, industry benchmark survey, conducted by the US magazine Global Custodian, Deutsche Bank was voted as the number one prime brokerage provider, up from #2 last year. The Bank was also rated as the number one global provider in North America and number one bank in Europe. Deutsche Bank received the most "Top Ratings" in the survey, with awards in the following categories: Global; $100M-$1B AUM; $1B-$5B AUM; Single Strategy; Multi-strategy; North America; Europe; Japan; Asia-Pacific; Single PB; Multi-PB and was also awarded the most "Best in Class" awards of all survey participants. Deutsche Bank also received all "Best in Class" awards in the Capital Introduction category.

The survey, which spanned four continents and polled close to 2800 hedge fund managers saw Deutsche Bank voted as best in class in every category by North American, Japanese, European and Asian hedge fund managers.

Prime Brokerage is an integrated package of services offered by investment banks to hedge funds and high net-worth individuals. The business advantage to a hedge fund or a client of using a prime broker is that the prime broker provides a centralized securities clearing facility, leverage, and the client's collateral requirements are netted across all deals handled by the prime broker.

Ricardo Honegger, Head of Global Markets for the Middle East and North Africa at Deutsche Bank said “We are extremely pleased with the results. In the MENA region we have experienced accelerated growth since we introduced global prime finance to the region and now command the leading position as the largest foreign broker on the DFM, ADSM and the Doha Exchange. We have seen assets grow from zero balances to around 2 billion euros as more and more clients are moving towards a tailored brokerage solution that allows them to consolidate the booking and settlement on one platform.”

Penry Jackson, Managing Director – Global Markets at Deutsche Bank in Dubai said, “We anticipate that our scope of operations in the region will significantly increase over the coming few years in tandem with the growth of the financial services industry within the DIFC. We are a world leader in developing sophisticated structured products, some of which will be introduced in synthetic form in the region, which when combined with traditional prime brokerage will allow clients access to a vast pool of assets increasing by many fold the efficiency of their financing portfolio.”

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