February 24, 2009

Diversifying investment portfolios into alternative assets can increase performance by 22 percent according to Deutsche Bank research

A diversified investment portfolio can outperform an equity and bond only portfolio by 22 percent, according to research conducted by the Global Pensions Strategy Group at Deutsche Bank.
A strategy comprising 30 percent equity, 40 percent bonds and 30 percent alternative assets could have outperformed a bonds and equity-based portfolio by 22 percent over an eight year period, according to an example in the report.

“Many pension plans pursue investment strategies that can really only be characterised as 'boom and bust' and overlook the value that diversifying into alternative assets can have for a portfolio,” said Joseph Hamilton, Global Head of Pensions Strategy at Deutsche Bank.

”In this year’s publication:  The Deutsche Bank Guide to Alternative Assets & Structured Investments, A Guide for Global Pension Plans, we strive to inform the debate for pension plan trustees, sponsors and advisors in order to maximise the prospects of securing the best performance for their members,” he added.

The guide is the second instalment in an annual series and includes chapters on structured investments, structured credit, exchange traded funds, structured equity, timberland, commodities, green energy, FX, frontier markets, property and hedge funds.

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