February 27, 2007

Martin Fisch to lead Complex Risk Syndication at Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank today announced the appointment of Martin Fisch, Managing Director, to Head of Complex Risk Syndication within the Global Markets division. Fisch will report to Serge Marquie, Managing Director and Head of Equity Structuring, and will continue to be based in London. In his new role, Fisch will lead a globally coordinated function within Deutsche Bank to syndicate complex equity risk. Fisch, who has been with Deutsche Bank since 1997, is also Head of Equity-Linked Capital Markets for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

“We are continuously evolving our organisation to meet innovative market demands,” said Marquie. “Our decision to launch a complex risk syndication group was sparked by our identification in the market of an appetite amongst sophisticated investors for new risk repackaged into alpha-generative assets.”

Martin has a bachelor’s degree from Yale University and a general diploma from the London School of Economics.

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