December 21, 2005

Supervisory Board of Deutsche Bank on the German Supreme Court's decision

The Supervisory Board has noted the German Supreme Court's decision in the so-called Mannesmann proceedings. The Supervisory Board regrets that the decision of the Düsseldorf District Court has not been confirmed and that the proceedings must be resumed before the Düsseldorf District Court.

The Supervisory Board expresses once again its unrestricted trust in Dr. Ackermann and thanks him for the responsible manner in which he has faced the proceedings so far and will face the proceedings in future.

It also conveys its respect to Dr. Ackermann for the way in which, despite the additional burdens caused by these proceedings, he has devoted his efforts unswervingly and with great success to the interests of Deutsche Bank.

The Supervisory Board has no doubt that Dr. Ackermann will continue his work successfully and will support him in doing so.


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