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Deutsche Bank‘s business philosophy aims at supporting all those who have a stake in our success: our shareholders, our clients, our staff and the communities in which we operate.
Sustainable financial success is only possible if we give due attention to the impact of our actions today on the world of tomorrow, and this means questioning traditional solutions. For Deutsche Bank, top performance and success are both the precondition and the yardstick for this, which is why we compete with the best in developing innovative and efficient solutions for our stakeholders. Our global business model draws strength from the diversity of our staff, businesses and regional presence.


Our shareholders

Our ability to operate successfully depends critically on our attractiveness to investors, both now and in the future. Here, we compete with the entire gamut of investment alternatives available to our investors. Solid financial performance presupposes not only sound and diversified growth in profitable businesses, but also forward-looking risk management. We must constantly find the right balance between opportunities and risks. We attach special value to the strong reputation of our brand, which we permanently strive to strengthen and protect.


Our clients

We are a reliable partner to our clients, supporting them with advice and action in the pursuit of their financial and strategic objectives. We carefully analyze our clients’ needs, produce innovative recommendations from a wide range of possible solutions which are tailored to the market enviroment, and help our customers realize their goals. Client satisfaction is both the aim we strive to meet and the ultimate yardstick of our success.


Our staff

The technical and human competence, experience and professionalism of our staff are the key qualities that guarantee our ability to advise demanding customers successfully. We invest in enhancing our employees’ qualifications, and strive to be a fair and trustworthy partner for our people as they fulfil their personal potential. We attach particular importance to respecting and supporting the diversity and the different lifestyles of our employees. Safeguarding our position as a first-class employer is critical if we want to stay competitive.


The community

We can only contribute to the future well-being of shareholders, clients and staff if the communities in which we operate are fully functional and capable of successfully facing the challenges of our times. Our commitment is clear – and not only where the lives of individuals are afflicted by hardship through no fault of their own, for example in the case of natural disasters. We also invest in the education of young people and, more generally, seek to unleash the capabilities of Deutsche Bank and its staff to adress social issues. For many years, for example, we have been an active worldwide supporter of microcredits.
Statements relating to Deutsche Bank‘s competive position, market share or ranking are based largely on external sources, including industry publications (e.g. Euromoney, the Banker, etc.) and specialist information providers (Thomson Financial, Dealogic, Bloomberg, etc.).

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Last Update: July 6, 2010
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