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Legal Notice

General information

Deutsche Bank Polska S.A. in its name provides information on the webpages ("Webpages") of the Website("Website"). The main aim of creating and publishing online the Website and the Webpages is presenting the Deutsche Bank Clients and other intersted parties with the general information about the activities conducted by Deutsche Bank. The herein Website is not for persons or institutions from the jurisdiction areas, where distribution of the information on the Webpages is prohibited. The persons using the Website are obliged to familiarise and follow legal restrictions connected with this case. Deutsche Bank reserves the right, at its sole discretion and without prior notification, to amend or change the contents of the Website, description and document change, and temporary or permanent access blockade to selected Webpages or the whole Website. Each piece of information is described by the date of publishing and only this date, and Deutsche Bank is neither obliged to bear responsibility nor update or supplement any information published on the Website. Deutsche Bank may at every moment, without prior notification, withdraw or change its products, which information is published on our Website.


Neither endeavouring nor advising

None of the contents published on the Webpages cannot be treated as a basis for any viable relationship. On its Website, Deutsche Bank does not provide any advice (including with no limits: transaction advice, legal advice, tax advice, accounting advice, connected with securities, investment strategies etc.). The herein Website was not created to provide any information connected with financial market, or financial advice. Deutsche Bank in the information on the Website does not present the offer, does not recommend and does not encourage to perform any transactions with securities, or any other financial products. Therefore the Users, before making a financial decision, should provide themselves with an independent source of financial advice aiming at achieving a specific financial goals, in order to appraise financial situation or fulfill specific goals.



The Website, including its structure and graphical design, are solely owned by Deutsche Bank Polska S.A. and are protected in accordance with February 4, 1999 Copyright Act and neighbouring rights (February 23, 1994 Book of Legislature, No. 24, pos. 83, with later amendments). Any copying of the Website or its elements , information, text, photos or any other graphical elements, as well as trademarks published on the Webpages so as to use it as a whole, in parts or modified in the other Websites, in electronic publications or printed form, without prior consent of the Bank, is strictly prohibited.



The Website may contain links to the Websites administrated by the third-party units, not connected with Deutsche Bank. The user uses the links at his or her own risk. Deutsche Bank is not responsible for information resulting from the pages managed by the third-party units.


A way of using the Website contents

Except particular cases the herein Website is used for individual and personal use. Poza ściśle określonymi przypadkami, niniejsza Witryna, służy wyłącznie do indywidualnego i osobistego korzystania. It is permitted to copy and store one or more Webpages only for browsing on a personal computer.

Deutsche Bank is not responsible for any loss resulting from using the Website. Deutsche Bank does not bear any responsibility for the losses resulting from the flaws in Webpage preparation, errors, omission or delays in data trasfer, computer viruses or system failures.

Legal information of entity Deutsche Bank S.A.

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