Deutsche Bank history in Portugal


Deutsche Bank was founded in Berlin to promote and facilitate trade relations between Germany and international markets.


Deutsche Bank participated in issuing bonds for the Republic of Portugal.


Deutsche Bank acquired a stake in Mello Deutsche Morgan (MDM) in Lisbon, a financial consulting company that became an investment company in 1983.


Deutsche Bank took over the majority of MDM.


Deutsche Bank de Investimento S.A. was created as a result of the conversion of MDM into an investment bank, which enabled it to expand its activities from financial consulting and medium and long-term financing to short-term credit operations, foreign exchange and derivatives operations, transnational banking and fundraising.


Begin of Private Banking and Consumer Finance.


Home Loans for private clients.

Deutsche Bank de Investimento S.A. renamed to Deutsche Bank Portugal S.A.


Deutsche Bank in Portugal formally began operations in the field Private & Business Clients (PBC).


Expansion of branch network all over the country (Investment & Financial Center and Financial Agents).


Announcement on the sale of the retail business, including the branch network.


Completion of the sale of the branch network, remaining on the ground with the coverage of institutional and corporate clients, including a well-established Global Transaction Banking platform.

Deutsche Bank AG – Sucursal em Portugal
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