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April 20, 2011

Deutsche Bank Russia partnered with Big Brothers Big Sisters, an international volunteer program

It is for the first time that Deutsche Bank Russia partnered with Big Brothers Big Sisters, an international volunteer program designed for children in a difficult life situation. The remarkable fact is, that this is the first partnership of such kind in Deutsche’s Russian franchise.

The program was initiated in the USA over a hundred years ago and is currently underway in 13 countries, providing support for 280,000-plus children. Deutsche Bank has been supporting this program in America for over a decade, and today it has joined it in Russia.

Based on the deliverables of a number of presentations held for employees were in the Bank’s Moscow office, two volunteers applied for participation in the program. One of them, Olga Zherebtsova, is currently being trained as a tutor.

Apart from volunteer participation, Deutsche Bank extends financial support to the program aiming to ensure its further development and strengthen its regional profile and presence. The program’s principal objective is to help children with disadvantaged backgrounds to develop their life potentialities through professionally organized communication with an adult volunteer. Such being the case, friendly relations in a specially selected adult-and-child pair are fostered under the guidance of professional supervisors. As a rule, the program encompasses children aged 5-17 with different life situations, such as orphans, including disabled children, and children from single-parent and otherwise vulnerable families.

The program has proved efficient and important: in 2009, 630 Russian children, including 119 children in Moscow, received support, whereas in 2010, in Moscow alone tutors were found for 133 children. Today there are 55 children from Moscow orphanages and boarding schools on the tutorship program waiting list.


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