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July 27, 2011

Deutsche Bank Heads the Ranking List of Eurobond Arrangers of the CIS and Emerging Markets

IA Cbonds has published rankings of Eurobond banks-arrangers of the CIS and emerging markets for the 1st half-year period of 2011.

Despite thesovereign debt crisis in Europe and the USA and the projected increment factor, the second quarter was not less successful for borrowers from the CIS countries than the first one, with placements totaling $14,046 million. In the 1st quarter of 2011, issues of 5 CIS countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan were placed and in the 2nd quarter the geography was expanded owing to Georgia. Russian issuers were still setting the tone, quasi-sovereign borrowers being most active. The international debt of the Ukrainian corporate sector doubled in the second quarter compared with the first one.

Heading the rating list among the CIS countries is VTB Capital that organized 17 issues totaling $ 4,087 million with a market share of 14.9%. Then comes JP Morgan that organized 12 issues with a total quota of $3,598 million or 13.12% of the market. Deutsche Bank with $2,457 million or 8.96% moved into third place from the fourth it occupied after the first quarter and Citigroup moved into fifth place from the third one.

Since the beginning of the year borrowers from Emerging Markets countries (including the CIS) have placed Eurobond market issues in the amount of more than USD190 billion against 124 billion last year. Traditionally, January accounting for nearly one-fourth of all placements in this half-year period was a peak month of placements. By June the pace considerably slowed down because of poor world market conditions. Whereas in the first quarter the trend towards the currency debt diversification persisted, in the second quarter issuers preferred cheaper dollar funding. It may also be noted that issuers with a low credit quality, specifically numerous construction companies in Asia withdrew from the market.
Summarizing the results of the 1st half-year period, the first place went to Deutsche Bank that organized $20,281 million or 10.55% of the total amount of rating Eurobond placements. The leader swapped places with Citigroup that came in second with $19,660 million or 10.23% market share. JP Morgan
($18,452 million or 9.60%) remained in the third place.


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