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April 26, 2013

Deutsche Bank Russia celebrates its 15 anniversary of establishing its legal entity in Russia

Deutsche Bank is proud to celebrate in April 2013 its 15 anniversary of establishing its legal entity in Russia. Although Deutsche Bank got license to open the first representative office of a foreign bank in Russia as early as in 1972, the full scale Russian legal entity was registered later.

Since 1998 when a wholly-owned Russian subsidiary of Deutsche Bank AG was established the bank offers to local and international clients a full range of banking services including commercial and investment banking products.

Deutsche Bank’s history in Russia is a chain of forward movements to becoming one of the most successful and strong foreign players in the region. For 15 years the bank continues to increase its presence in core areas of excellence which is proved by the scale and complexity of the transactions the bank is doing and regularly acknowledged by the market.

An important step in the bank’s development in Russia became the acquisition of United Financial Group in 2006, one of the leading investment companies on the Russian market. The deal has resulted in further strengthening Deutsche Bank’s positions in local equity sales and trading, equity research and corporate finance. This investment into the Russian economy has demonstrated the bank’s strong commitment to making business in Russia.

Throughout these years the bank worked for the major Russian and international corporates and financial institutions operating on the Russian market giving support to the companies in their strategies for expanding and development and therefore contributing to development of the Russian economy in general.

Deutsche Bank in Russia is an award-winning team numerously acknowledged by different respectful institutions and publications. Deutsche Bank’s analysts’ team is constantly occupying top lines in various prestigious international ratings for its in-depth analysis of major sectors of the Russian and CIS market and economy.

Deutsche Bank successfully weathered financial crises both in 1998 and 2008 without scaling down our operations in Russia. On the contrary we continued to expand in core areas of our expertise. And we are confident that we will continue servicing our clients in Russia with the best in class quality and for many years we have the radiant future ahead.


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