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May 20, 2014

Deutsche Bank becomes a partner of the Art-Festival "Drawing Pokrovsky Cathedral" held annually on Red Square

"Drawing the Pokrovsky Cathedral" annual Art-Festival was held by State Historical Museum on the 18th of May, the International Museum day, on Red Square.

Once again the Art Festival became the main event of the Pokrovsky Cathedral Museum during the International Museum Day. Regardless of age or ability to draw, on this day everyone had a unique opportunity to create their own art work directly on the Red Square within the territory of Pokrovsky (St. Basil's) Cathedral and inside it.

This year kids from orphanages and boarding schools of Vladimir and Rostov were specially invited for the contest. And for the first time ever mentees from the “Podari Zhizn’” foundation took part in the festival. As a part of corporate social responsibility program Deutsche Bank’s volunteers were supporting Art-Festival administration and providing organizational help and coordination during the day.

The winners and nominees were awarded with prizes from the organizers and all the other participants were awarded with certificates and souvenirs as well. As a result of the competition in autumn 2014 the Museum will hold traditional exhibition including the best art-works.


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