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May 25, 2014

Deutsche Bank participated in St.Petersburg International Economic Forum

The delegation of Deutsche Bank Russia participated in International Economic Forum that took place in St. Petersburg on 22-24 May 2014. For the sixth year Deutsche Bank became the Forum’s partner in business program. The Bank was represented by senior managers, including Pavel Teplukhin, Chief Country Officer for Russia, Joerg Bongartz, Chairman of the Board, Deutsche Bank OOO, Raj Tanna, COO, as well as by heads of business departments and  analysts.

The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) is a leading international economic and business forum held annually in Russia under the patronage of the President of the Russian Federation. Over the years the Forum has transformed into a leading global business event. In 2014 it attracted over 6000 Russian and international participants, representing government and business leaders from around the world, joined by leading voices from academia, the media, and civil society. SPIEF gathers the world’s leading decision makers to identify and deliberate the key challenges facing emerging markets and growth economies, Russia and the world, and engage communities to find common purpose and establish frameworks to forge solutions.

Deutsche Bank’s experts participated actively in the Forum program – Pavel Teplukhin, CCO for Russia, moderated the session supported by Deutsche Bank – “Prospects for bolstering private equity investment in Russia” and also spoke at the session “Does your corporation have an identity crisis? Building a corporate culture to compete” on 22 May.

Same day Yaroslav Lissovolik, Chief Economist Deutsche Bank Russia, spoke at 2 gatherings -   at “Models for revamping Russian industrial competitiveness” session and at the meeting of the International Council for Cooperation and Investment in the framework of “Challenges and opportunities of cooperating with Russia: the views from business” session.

- “Challenges and opportunities of cooperation with Russia: the views of business”.

Within the framework of the Forum the Bank’s managers took part in a number of important business meetings as well as in networking with clients, government figures, captains of the Russian and international companies.

While at the Forum, Pavel Teplukhin, Joerg Bongartz and Yaroslav Lissovolik gave interviews to Russian business TV channels and radio stations and spoke to the press on the topics discussed at the Forum. Vadim Martynenko, Co-Head of Capital Markets, Head of Institutional Sales, at Deutsche Bank Russia, gave an interview to “Cbonds Review”, Russian professional magazine well read by the local market participants.

Pavel Teplukhin, CCO, Deutsche Bank in Russia,  moderates Session "Prospects for bolstering private equity investment in Russia" at SPIEF-2014.


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