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June 11, 2014

Deutsche Bank Won the Randstad Award as the Most Attractive Employer in Russia’s Fi-nancial Services Sector

On April 24, 2014, the grand ceremony for the Randstad Award that annually identifies top employers based on the outcome of the largest independent survey was hosted in Moscow.  In 2013, 23 countries participated in the survey, including Russia for the first time. Randstad’s Award partner in Russia is the  recruitment firm ANCOR.

In addition to two most attractive employers in Russia, the Randstad Award survey determined top employers in key economy sectors, and Deutsche Bank was named the most attractive employer in the financial services sector.

The Randstad Award survey evaluates the attractiveness of employers , as well as candidates’ key criteria for job selection and employment.  In Russia the survey was performed by an independent researcher, ICMA Group, at the request from Randstad and Ancor. The survey covered over 8,500 respondents age18 to 65, of which 54% were female and 46% were male. The social and demographic dimensions of the survey reflected the country’s employment market.

Survey participants chose salary and social benefits as the most important criteria for selecting an employer nowadays, 74% named it among the top five factors for selecting an employer. It is also important to note that such factors as financial success and stability of the company, work content, long-term employment opportunities, and career growth were included into the top ranking factors that determine candidates’ choice and desire to identify their ideal employer.

Interestingly, for the first time the survey included a new section covering emotional employer branding. Integrity (20%), reliability (15%), intelligence (19%), and stability (12%) were the top-line answers, as those are the qualities the candidates want to find in their employer of choice.


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