Chief Accountant, Finance

Alexander Kirejev

Chief Financial Officer, Deutsche Bank Russia.

Alexander joined Deutsche Bank in 1998 as Deputy Chief Accountant. In 2009, he became Chief Accountant and Head of Finance Department.

Alexander is responsible for managing the accounting and transaction business and supervising its statutory compliance, accounting policy, regulatory and management reports; as well as internal and external audit, control of completeness and quality of financial statements.

In June 1993, Alexander graduated from the Financial Academy of the Government of the Russian Federation majoring in Finance and Credits. He has additional professional education appropriate for his leadership role in the organization carrying out activities related to managing securities, unit trusts and other collective investment vehicles.

Public disclosure according Federal Law 334-ФЗ dated 04.11.2014 (PDF/238 KB)

Viktoria Aparina

Deputy Chief Accountant, Head of the Financial Control and Reporting to the Central Bank of Russia Department.

Viktoria joined Deutsche Bank in September 2007 as Expert of the Financial Statements Group at the RF Central Bank. She was appointed Deputy Chief Accountant in 2008. In 2011, she was appointed  Deputy Chief Accountant, Head of the Financial Control and Reporting Department.

Viktoria's office duties include preparing the bank's Accounting Policy; financial statements to the Bank of Russia, managing, advising and appraising new projects, as well as developing internal accounting documents and maintaining tax ledgers. 

Viktoria Aparina graduated from the Moscow Lomonosov State University in 1991 and holds a degree of Ph.D. in Economics (2001). In 2007, she completed training on Business Accounting at Lending Agencies in Compliance with Regulation No. 302-P of the Bank of Russia dated March 26, 2007.

Public disclosure according Federal Law 334-ФЗ dated 04.11.2014 (PDF/54 KB)

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