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May 25, 2016

Deutsche Bank celebrates 135 years of operations in Russia

In April 2016, Deutsche Bank Russia celebrates its 135th anniversary. Few companies can boast a track record like that: Deutsche Bank probably knows the Russian market better than any other financial institution, as over the course of its more than a century-long presence in Russia it has been one of its most active economic partners.

In 1881 Deutsche Bank was one of the first foreign banks that came to Russia to join in a number of high-profile deals, including railroad loans. The bank also helped the young Soviet state: financed export supplies to the USSR in 1926, became a major business partner of the Soviet Union, and co-funded several large-scale Russia-Europe pipeline supply projects. Deutsche Bank was one of the first foreign banks to obtain approval for the opening of a representative office in Moscow in the 1970-es, staging a successful market entry followed by a massive business expansion in 1999-2008.

Despite the massive economic, political and social upheavals affecting the country, the Bank has always demonstrated its sustainability, its ability to deal with economic emergencies and adapt to the ever-changing business environment. Deutsche Bank Russia has always been at the heart of the country's business and financial life, demonstrating its proactive civil position and socially responsible behavior, and making a meaningful contribution to financial technological breakthroughs not only in Russia, but also throughout the whole world.

We believe in the future of our business in Russia, we are open to change and ready to use the historic chance offered to all of us by these new times.


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