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March 4, 2016

Deutsche Bank served as a bookrunner in Gazprom issuing Eurobonds for CHF 500 million. The road show for the company’s debt securities took place mid-March in Switzerland.

Deutsche Bank, UBS and Gazprombank were lead managers on the issuance, with Renaissance Securities (Cyprus) Limited being a senior co-manager. Bonds were issued by Gaz Capital S.A. (Luxembourg) at par value with 3.375% p.a. The maturity date for the said bonds is November 30, 2018. Initially, investors were oriented at a 3.625% coupon, but it was later scaled down to nearly 3.5% p.a.

The news about Gazprom issuing Eurobonds nominated in Swiss francs was reported late this January. The company intends to use proceeds from this issue for general corporate purposes. Gazprom has not been borrowing in Swiss francs for over two years: the previous issuance of Eurobonds nominated in that currency took place in October 2013, when the company issued 6-year debt securities for CHF 500 million with 2.85% p.a.


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