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June 23, 2017

Deutsche Bank Russia welcomes Inna Zaytseva project Wheeling Heart

Global Transaction Banking Russia recently welcomed clients and colleagues to a new event in series ‘Beyond the figures: Experts meet at Deutsche Bank’ to introduce the unique social art project of the young Russian photographer Inna Zaytseva.

This time the event had a very strong social responsibility aspect corresponding with Deutsche Bank’s Born To Be initiative. The Wheeling Heart exhibition project is aimed to draw public attention to people using a wheelchair. Inna is trying to change the public opinion towards people in wheelchairs while presenting them as fashion models. At the same time this project is about love of life that supports people in breaking barriers. 15 pictures presented at the exhibition were supported by texts with each hero’s story that made a deep and personal impression. Inna managed to get people with disabilities and the audience better acquainted through means of photography, aesthetics and fashion.

Inna started the project as a twist of personal fate. Her mother was faced with a need to use a wheelchair. From her own family’s experience she knows how simple things become difficult, and how a simple ramp can change the life.

Inna Zaytseva, photographer said: “Deutsche Bank’s interest in collaboration was a great source of inspiration to me. We used office space, and for a few days turned it into a quality exhibition area. Guided tours at the exhibition helped me lift the veil over some of the project’s secrets, challenges and methods that I used when taking photos of each of our heroes. It was a unique pleasure to see wariness in the eyes of the Bank’s employees gradually melting into genuine interest and curiosity.”

Zsolt Pinter, Head of Global Subsidiary Coverage said: “With this event we wanted to show clients that Deutsche Bank is more than figures, charts and products: we actively engage in projects that want to create a better world.”

Clients were interested to learn about the strong CSR engagement of Deutsche Bank, and mentioned the importance of having a partner who cares about CSR topics.

The exhibition and a special guided tour with Inna were also attended by ca. 100 employees and left no one unmoved. Oksana Kolbasina, GTO Client OnBoarding Head, DB Russia commented: “I believe that Inna has presented us with her models in a very appropriate light, drawing our attention to a special something within them. I admire people who take action and want to draw the attention of the many and to change the world.”

Deutsche Bank once again confirmed its commitment to social responsibility projects and support of young Russian artists. The photo-project Wheeling Heart presented in DB offices is also running as a complete exhibition in the Multimedia Art Museum Moscow by Olga Sviblova, a DB ArtCard partner.


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