Sustsinability is something that everybody strives for in life. It means stable relationships, reliability of partners, confidence in the future, and above all, peace of mind. At the same time, sustainability does not mean stagnation. Sustainability is all about evolution, innovation and change, all aimed at reaching new goals and pursuing the road to perfection.

The whole world: people, companies, state and public institutions change and transform constantly. Our environment changes, too, and the very notion of sustainability changes alongside it.

Importantly, change should not affect the status of our values, those very things that support us, make us happy, and form the very basis of our existence. True values help people understand each other without the use of too many words. True values unite us in a diverse and complex world. Time moves on, events change our lives but true values remain constant. They help the world retain its humanity and give us the feeling of stability.

Art is one of the ways that people can express themselves, assert their personality and communicate with the rest of the world. All artists strive to deliver their philosophy, and their aesthetics. Art, like people, is diverse and complex. And within this complexity we can all find our own values, our passions and our aspirations.

Artists presented in our calendar this year, by their genre, style and technique, are very individual in their nature.

Maxim Svetlanov (b. 1945)

The works of Maxim Svetlanov feature in our calendar for the third successive year.Over the past three years, Svetlanov has had several significant exhibitions, notably the exhibition at the United Nations in September 2001 during Vladimir Putin's visit to New York. Svetlanov's creative work, combining a remarkable color palette with a lucid philosophy, always captivates the audience.

The works of the artists that feature in the Deutsche Bank Moscow calendar for their first time are by courtesy of the Line-Art gallery. The gallery's speciality is classic Russian avant-garde and European XX century art, Mikhail Roudakov, Igor Kislitsyn, and Valery Babin are permanently displayed in this gallery. They are featured in many Russian and international exhibitions and their works can be found in state museums and private collections in Russia and abroad.

Mikhail Roudakov (1914 - 1985)

Roudakov's work is characterized by imaginative use of light, shadows and color. His art reflects a variety of emotions, styles and levels of intensity. The Spanish works of the artist bear the influence of many hardships—war, pain, Imprisonment, and destitution, but these obstacles did not compromise his bright talent, or his unique creativity.

Igor Kislitsyn (b. 1948)

Kislitsyn is a pivotal figure in the artistic life of Moscow. Sought after by many galleries, he has participated in dozens of exhibitions and published many albums. Kislitsyn's experiences as a restorer and painter of icons have influenced his artistic techniques and helped him to develop an audacious style. His art is characterized by powerful circular movements, harmony of design and color, and the symbolism of figures.

Valeri Babin (b. 1945)

Babin exudes confidence and energy. His works are considered and carefully constructed, expressing the relation between expansiveness and intimacy. Green, blue and red are the dominant colors of his works. Babin's works are on display at the Tretyakov State Gallery, Russian State Museum, regional galleries, and private collections.

The works of the artists that are presented in this calendar provide a visual feast for even the most casual observer of art. They succeed in enhancing our lives and providing us with challenges and stimulation — exactly what art should be all about in the 21st Century.


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Last Update: September 14, 2012
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