Graduate Program

Graduate Program

Some firms talk loudly about their casual dress code. They wear it as a badge of pride. But at Deutsche Bank Technology Centre, we’re more interested in smart thinking. The kind of smart thinking that has put us at the forefront of our industry – a fast-moving, constantly evolving industry where the right technology can mean the difference between success and failure. If the prospect of using your programming skills in this environment excites you, there could be an exceptional future for you in our development functions.

Program description and benefits:

The Deutsche Bank Graduate Program is one of the most comprehensive of its kind. If you have the passion, dedication and speed of thought to succeed in IT for the financial services industry, our Graduate Program could be exactly what you’re looking for.
• The program starts at end of July;
• The duration of the program is 12 months;
• The training will be designed to best prepare you for your immediate roles as well as your future career within the organisation, including technical training and an understanding of DB as a whole, and our values & beliefs, culture;
• There will be ongoing learning opportunities;
• The grad program will provide you with the opportunity to specialize and develop your career in a role; • Your connectivity with the class will come from the networking opportunities across the Technology Supply Centres;
• In addition, you will be provided with a competitive salary.

Vacancy description

If your strengths lie in coding or programming, or you specialize in the definition of technical solutions, you might be a great fit for one of our Development or Testing Functions. We’re looking for highly technical coders who thrive on developing innovative solutions with the very latest software and hardware. You’ll need to display competency in at least one programming language. However, we’ll give you the cutting-edge environment in which you can really stretch yourself and learn additional skills. During this program you may learn Java, C++ or C# - you may choose any you like - and apply either for Developer or Quality Assurance role.
Learn more about our Development roles:

Application Developer

Sample tasks include:

  • Design application components to meet the requirements of a business and document the design.
  • Develop, enhance, test and verify code.

Quality Assurance & Testing Analyst

Sample tasks include:

  • Analyze requirements, write test cases and create test data
  • Conduct testing activities, analyze and record test results, record defects

Our requirements

Graduates and undergraduates of the current or previous years, with specialization in IT, math or physics.

The program of higher education covers:
- Mathematical analysis, probability theory
- Algorithms, programming patterns
- Computer networks, basics of building distributed systems, databases
- Fundamental understanding of programming languages

- Logical thinking and attention to detail
- A structured approach to solving complicated problems
- Good communication skills, good knowledge of English
- willingness to grow and learn more
- The ability to overcome challenges
- Ability to work in a large and distributed team

Conditions of participation

In order to take part in Graduate Program, you should fill in this no later than March 12. Please note that recruitment of participants is based on a rolling basis principle – accepting of applications is closed when the required number of CVs is set.

*Please mention that the form is in Russia. If you experience difficulties in filling it in, please contact us via

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