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Deutsche Bank Technology Centre is in charge of software development for Deutsche Bank’s investment business. We provide highly effective and sustainable solutions to enable trading in liquid financial instruments across the world. The work we do has made more than 2 000 applications go live. They greatly contribute to the performance of each functional area in the banking business, including trading, algorithmic trading, operational transaction support, pricing, profit and loss calculations, risk management. These software products help investors make key decisions, know the latest updates and make prompt transactions. All this lets Deutsche Bank stand high in international financial markets.

Deutsche Bank Technology Centre offers over 1000 jobs in two Russian offices - in Moscow and St.Petersburg.

What we offer Experts:

- learn more at our local site (link to Russian site)

- learn more at (link to Russian site)

Students and graduates:

– learn more at our local site (link to Russian site)


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Last Update: December 25, 2018
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