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Improving lives

We’re all born to be something.

Through our Born to Be youth engagement programme, we’re working to make sure young people get an education that enables them to realise their full potential.

There are nearly six million young South Africans out of work because they do not have the skills to participate in the economy. Our goal is to equip the next generation to be the workforce of tomorrow.

We believe our best chance of improving the lives of young South Africans is through intervention at two key stages in their development: early childhood and high school.

A growing problem

Number of under 25 year olds out of work in South Africa.

Supporting early childhood development

Research shows that early intervention can provide greater returns than remedial action when children are older (Heckman, 2013). Our strategies for improving early years education include training and professional development for teachers.

Brainwaves Careers

Our partnership with Brainwaves educates teachers on how to provide pre-school children with the best learning experience. More

Bulungula Incubator

The Bulungula Incubator is increasing access to education in one of the poorest regions of the country. More

Khululeka Community Education Development Centre

The Khululeka Centre aims to raise the standard of early childhood education through teacher training. More

Mothers and Vulnerable Children's Programme

Our support helps vulnerable children from poor communities access services vital to their wellbeing. More

Mother Touch Academy

Mother Touch helps children from the Diepsloot community to develop mentally, physically, socially and emotionally through quality pre-school education. More


Ntataise provides training, mentoring and capacity building in the development of pre-school teachers and training organisations who support them. More


Shine supports children who need help with literacy, improving language skills and building self-confidence. More


High school learners

Our goal is for all high school learners to leave school with the skills and confidence to pursue their ambitions.

Columba Leadership

Columba encourages young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to become the leaders of tomorrow. More

Dominican Convent School

The Dominican Convent School is helping to train teachers to work in the public education system. More

Johannesburg Youth Orchestra

JYOC enables young people from all backgrounds to discover and develop their potential through music. More

Little Artists

Little Artists uses art classes to help inner-city youth realise what they can achieve. More

Sparrow Schools

Sparrow Schools develop the skills and self-confidence of young people who do not cope in mainstream education. More

Youth Citizens Action Programme

YCAP develops young people’s skills and values by asking them to lead the way in addressing challenges in society. More

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