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Deutsche Bank's understanding of responsibility is to create sustainable value: for our clients and employees, our shareholders and for society. Deutsche Bank's goal is clear: Our high-performance culture must go hand-in-hand with a culture of responsibility.
Over the years, Deutsche Bank South Africa Foundation has supported many non-profit organisations and programmes, primarily in education and social initiatives. Through our current Born to Be youth engagements programme, we are working to make sure young people get an education that enables them to realize their full potential. Click here for information about the aims of Born to Be, the projects we are supporting and their impact on young lives.
Our Made for Good programme is to help realize the future of non-profit organisations through enterprise solutions. We do this by helping charities to develop new sustainable funding and business models that reduce donor reliance and enable them to drive positive change in our communities


Its more than just giving Easter eggs
March 2018 | Melville

The fun Easter Egg Plus You volunteer intervention gives a deeper understanding of Deutsche Bank South Africa’s Born To Be education partner, Sparrow Schools. Distributing Easter eggs collected by staff is a light touch point with one of Deutsche Bank’s long term education partners, Sparrow School. The Plus You volunteer event held on March 27, 2018 enabled staff to have a fun interaction with the young beneficiaries while simultaneously getting more

Mindshift steers a non-profit to enterprise
March 2018 | Sandton
“I will never again be dependent on donations for my organization” stated Sunet Wagner from miniMAX which has moved from a non-profit to a for-profit organization. Listening to the journey of Sunet Wagner and how her attendance at Deutsche Bank’s Income Generation Programme during 2016 transformed the way that she looked at managing a non-profit organization is the perfect introduction for the new intake of non-profit leaders on Deutsche Bank’s 4th Income Generation Programme more


Deutsche Bank SA Traders raise over R3 million for charity in a day
November 2017 | Sandton

Over R3 million was raised for charity in yet another successful charity trading day in South Africa on November 15, 2017. In what has become a market tradition in South Africa, the charity trading day is embraced by both Deutsche Bank SA employees and institutional clients who support the equities team on the day. more 

Deutsche Bank SA enabling Non-profits to do business for good
October 2017 | Sandton
The move towards diversified income streams and sustainability of non-profit organisations (NPO) is the primary driver behind the Income Generation Programme designed and delivered by Deutsche Bank’s partner, TSiBA Education. 25 NPO leaders showcased their business models to generate funds for their entities in the fourth and final module of the third programme held on October 11 and 12, 2017. more


Motivating young women with Deutsche Bank employees sharing their stories during Women’s month

August  2017 | Sandton


“Choosing a career you are passionate about will help you to progress easily as you will always give your best, “ said Kerry-Ann Nair from Compliance. She went on to say: “Remember that in your journey you may fall, what is important is that you pick yourself up and continue to grow by learning from those mistakes.” more

Youth Citizenship Action Programme’s record: 600 South African schools participate in 2017

July 2017 | Durban


Diverse projects, ranging from environmental to social drug awareness issues were presented by the nine Provincial school finalists competing in the national championship under the Youth Citizens Action Programme (Y-CAP), a Deutsche Bank Born To Be education project partner, on Saturday July 29, 2017. more




Take Action and Inspire. Make every day a Mandela Day

July 2017 | Orange Farm

Mandela Day: a global call to take 67 minutes action to change the world for better through volunteering and community service. The official date is July 18 and it is in honour of the legacy of Nelson Mandela and his 67 years of service to humanity.

This year, Deutsche Bank Johannesburg employees were encouraged to make a difference through two Plus You initiatives: an off-site house build and an on-site food parcel packing marathon. more

"Master Chef" Volunteers prepare meals for underprivileged pre-schoolers

June 2017 | Diepsloot

The Johannesburg team of volunteers cooked up a storm preparing and serving healthy meals for 250 pre-schoolers at Afrika Tikkun in Diepsloot, one of South Africa’s largest informal townships, on Wednesday June 21, 2017. It was an opportunity for employees to experience first-hand the day to day realities of the behind-the-scene operations of ensuring that each child receives a nutritious meal which may be their only meal for the day. more



South Africa Deutsche Banker’s positive impact in Tembisa Township community

May 2017 |  Tembisa
Friday May 19 2017 saw a Plus You team of Johannesburg Deutsche Bankers, with strong representation from the DBSA Finance team go into Tembisa Township community to plant twenty fruit and shade trees for a greener, healthier environment at Tebogo Kids Pre-school and Reagile Primary School. more

Deutsche Bank SA volunteers helping to unlock learners’ potential

March 2017 | Mellvile

Friday March 3, 2017 saw Deutsche Bankers return to school for a morning to give back to the Sparrow Foundation School that provides remedial and special needs education. The volunteers participated in a range of fun education activities from science laboratories and chess games through to creating 3D art pieces. “It was humbling to see how cheerful and positive the kids were despite the challenges that they have to face on a day to day basis” commented Jo McClure from the Financing and Solutions Group, who went on to say: more

Deutsche Bank South Africa’s Charity Trading Day exceeds expectations

November 2016 | Sandton


Deutsche Bank South Africa’s 17th annual Charity Trading Day, a recognised market event, raised over ZAR 3 million for the bank’s charity partners on November 16, 2016. Thanks to the energetic, determined equities team, backed up with two local sports celebrities - Joel Stransky and Louis Meintjes - the bank continues to drive positive change in its local communities – all made possible with the incredible loyalty and support from clients. more 



Deutsche Bank South Africa Staff Charity lunch raises funds and hope for charity

September 2016 | Sandton

Over ZAR160,000.00 was raised through the participation of Deutsche Bank South Africa staff at the charity lunch – a fun, fundraising event where senior managers turned waiters competed to raise the most tips, serving staff a decadent three course meal which was followed with a fun interactive auction – the proceeds, which are matched by the Deutsche Bank South Africa Foundation, are going to one of Deutsche Bank SA’s Born to Be education partners: Brainwave Careers. more

2016 Mandela Day: Deutsche Bank volunteers pack food parcels for pre-schoolers with Stop Hunger Now.

July 2016 | Sandton

On Monday, July 18, the date which is also known as the annual international day in honour of Nelson Mandela was celebrated by SA Deutsche Bankers volunteering their 67 minutes packing food parcels for pre-schoolers with Stop Hunger Now. About 65 staff members participated reaching the target of 15,000 meals ensuring at least 57 pre-schoolers receive one solid meal a day for a year. more

2016 Youth Citizenship Action Programme Championship

July 2016 | Pretoria

On Saturday, July 23, 2016, Deutsche Bank South Africa Foundation`s Born To Be project partner, Empowervate, hosted their seventh annual Youth Citizens Action Programme (Y-CAP) national championship. The final competition is a culmination of smaller provincial competitions where eighteen finalist Primary and Secondary Schools are selected out of 400 participating schools, one from each of the nine Provinces in South Africa. more

Kemang Wa Lehulere is Artist of the Year 2017

 April 2016 | Germany



South African artist Kemang Wa Lehulere is Deutsche Bank's new "Artist of the Year" 2017. He will present his first institutional solo exhibition in Germany at the Deutsche Bank KunstHalle in Berlin in spring 2017. “Kemang Wa Lehulere is a refined artist of the highest order. He explores the relevance of the artistic gesture in post-Apartheid South Africa. more

2016 Little Artists School Exhibition

May 2016 | Sandton


Deutsche Bank South Africa, through its foundation, once again co-hosted the Little Artists School exhibition at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Over 150 artworks were on display, and between the opening night exhibition and auction, over R300,000.00 was raised, through the generosity of clients and employees, in support of the artists and the school. more

2016 Winter Drive
June 2016 | Diepsloot

On June 10 2016, South African Deutsche Bankers, together with the Deutsche Bank South Africa Foundation partner Brainwave Careers, distributed over 1,200 school winter warmer sets to children at Diepsloot's Basa Primary School as part of its local winter drive. Thanks to the generosity of Deutsche Bank staff pledges, matched by the foundation, Sparrow Schools will also receive the beanie, gloves and scarf sets. more



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