History of Deutsche Bank in South Africa

Deutsche Bank has had a representative office in South Africa since 1979 and expanded its presence in 1995 through the acquisition of local stockbroker Ivor Jones, Roy & Co. The South African business employs in excess of 130 staff, augmented by dedicated South African teams in London and New York. Deutsche Bank AG established a branch in Johannesburg in 1998. The South African office offers a full range of competitive products and services i.e. corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, equity capital markets, project finance, fixed income and sales trading and foreign exchange, equities research and equities sales and trading.


Deutsche Bank was founded in Berlin to promote and facilitate trade relations between Germany and international markets.


The Syndicate for Gold Exploration in South Africa was established under the leadership of Deutsche Bank.


The Syndicate concentrated its stakes in South African gold mines in the company Adolf Goerz & Co.


Deutsche Bank founded the Protective Association of the Owners of Shares and Debentures of Gold Mines at the Witwatersrand.


During the First World War all German assets were confiscated and partly refunded by the Union of South Africa after the war.


Deutsche Bank floated a convertible bond for the Anglo American Corporation of South Africa without forming a syndicate. It was the first issue of a foreign bond denominated in German currency since 1914.


Deutsche Bank cooperated with other banks in the European Advisory Committee, later European Banks' International Company (EBIC).


EBIC opened a representative office in Johannesburg.


Deutsche Bank started to sell Krugerrand gold coins on the German market.


EBIC’s office in Johannesburg was transformed into a representative office of Deutsche Bank.


Deutsche Bank participated in a loan of US$ 160 m for the municipal council of the township Soweto nearby Johannesburg.


Deutsche Bank acted as lead manager of a Deutschmark 400 m bond for the Republic of South Africa. As its purpose was specified the social development of South Africa. It was the first public lending after the moratorium of 1985.


Deutsche Bank acquired 50% of the South African stock broker Ivor Jones, Roy & Co. One year later it was wholly integrated.


Deutsche Bank opened a branch in Johannesburg.


The Deutsche Bank Africa Foundation was founded. It is committed to uplifting and proactively supporting individuals and communities to enable them to build a better and more sustainable future.


Closure of Deutsche Bank representative office Johannesburg.

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