The Season Opening Concert of the Berliner Philharmoniker was broadcast here live and for free.

To experience future live broadcasts of the Berliner Philharmoniker or to explore an extensive collection of archived concerts, we would like to invite you now to the Digital Concert Hall. You can also watch there interviews of artists and conductors as well as movies and documentaries about the orchestra.

For more than 25 years, Deutsche Bank and the Berliner Philharmoniker have enjoyed a close partnership. Together, they enable innovative initiatives with the common goal of providing access to classical music to people from all walks of life.

Sir Simon Rattle conducts Britten and Shostakovich

The Berliner Philharmoniker and Sir Simon Rattle are counting on the strength of contrasts for the opening concert of the season: Benjamin Britten’s chamber music Variations on a Theme of Frank Bridge will encounter Dmitri Shostakovich’s monumental Fourth Symphony. Two composers and their music – one might think – could hardly be more different. Yet there are strong connections between these two: for Britten and Shostakovich were kindred spirits in music; they very much admired each other and felt a bond through their shared joy in musical irony and parody.

More than 25 years of shared passion for music

1989 marks the beginning of the unique partnership of Deutsche Bank and Berliner Philharmoniker. Worldwide there is no comparably exclusive and so long-standing cooperation between a company and an orchestra.

Working towards the goal of making classical music accessible to a large audience, Deutsche Bank and the Berliner Philharmoniker join forces to make possible groundbreaking initiatives such as the Education Programme of the Orchestra and the innovative Digital Concert Hall. This virtual concert hall makes the Philharmonie of Berlin accessible to music lovers worldwide. In brilliant sound and visual quality, fans of classical music can witness performances live on the internet – every time and everywhere.

Experience the season’s opening concert of the Berliner Philharmoniker live and free of charge in the Digital Concert Hall – register now!

The programme

Benjamin Britten
Variations on a Theme of Frank Bridge for string orchestra op. 10


Dmitri Shostakovich
Symphony No. 4 in C minor

DCH Video
Milestones from 25 years of successful partnership between Deutsche Bank and Berliner Philharmoniker

Video sample and technical prerequisites

With the help of this gratis video, you can easily and quickly test free of charge whether your computer and your internet connection are suitable for accessing the Digital Concert Hall. We hope you will have a magnificent concert experience with the Berliner Philharmoniker.

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