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For over 35 years, Deutsche Bank has been encouraging and supporting new artistic talent and original ideas. The concept of the collection, which started in the late 1970’s, concentrates on works on paper and photography by international contemporary artists. The bank's involvement in art is a pillar of its Art, Culture & Sports division. The global ACS unit concentrates, cross-links and develops Deutsche Bank's activities and strengthens the company's cultural diversity. In the UK, the Collection is on display throughout the Deutsche Bank offices, with main hubs in London and Birmingham.

Art in London

Deutsche Bank opened its London office in 1973. Forty years later there are 100 conference rooms in the bank's London buildings named after artists from around the globe. In each room a wall plaque provides a short biography of the artist alongside their work. Floors and corridors are also hung with the Collection, making sure art is a continuous part of everyone's though process. 

The reception area of the London headquarters features large artworks by Keith Tyson and Damien Hirst as well as major sculptures by Anish Kapoor and Tony Cragg however the vast majority of the art in the Deutsche Bank Collection is on a modest scale, focussing on works on paper.  

Art in Birmingham

With the opening of a new building in Birmingham in 2014, Deutsche Bank continued it's commitment to contemporary art by installing two site-specific artworks in the reception area by Raqs Media Collective and Idris Khan, along with the naming of a number of conference rooms after artists. Young artists such as Stuart Whipps, Ruth Claxton, Elizabeth Rowe and BAZ who live and work in Birmingham are featured alongside international artists such as Mona Hatoum and Markus Lüpertz.

Art in Dublin

In 2014, Deutsche Bank moved into a new building in Dublin and installed two key artworks in its reception space - a triptych by Irish artist, Felim Egan, and a 25 meter wallpaper artwork by Jaki Irvine. As well as this, in the building hangs artworks by prominent Irish and international artists from the Collection including Mark Francis, Gerard Byrne, Elizabeth Magill, Maria Serebriakova and Sean Scully.

Click here to learn more about some of the key artworks in Deutsche Bank London and Birmingham.

Bridget Riley. 'Red Dominance', 'Blue Dominance' and 'Green Dominance', 1977 Screenprints on paper enlarge

Bridget Riley. 'Red Dominance', 'Blue Dominance' and 'Green Dominance', 1977 Screenprints on paper

Bridget Riley. 'Red Dominance', 'Blue Dominance' and 'Green Dominance', 1977 Screenprints on paper

photog © John Wildgoose


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To attend a tour of the Deutsche Bank Collection in London, please email for upcoming dates and details.

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