Arts & Technology Grant

2012 – 2014 │ New York

As new media and information technologies increasingly pervade all facets of global society, institutions and communities that lack the resources to follow rapid hi-tech advances are being gradually sidelined.

To address this concern, Deutsche Bank has introduced a funding initiative to develop technological usage in cultural settings. From 2012 through 2014, the Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation awarded $2.2 million in philanthropic commitments to 15 New York City arts and cultural organizations. The funds were awarded on a competitive basis through the Foundation’s long-standing Arts & Enterprise program, which supports the role of cultural institutions in facilitating community revitalization.

Deutsche Bank recognizes the central roles that arts organizations play as educational hubs, and hopes to increase their vibrancy and relevancy by helping to introduce technological initiatives. The new Arts & Technology grants aim to encourage the adaptation of interactive technology such as mobile applications, creative software and tablet PCs in cultural centers. Besides expanding cultural engagement, the employment of emerging technologies will serve to increase and update the technological literacy of the underserved communities in which many of the organizations are based. Through the utilization of electronic media tools, art institutions will enhance and ease access to informal learning in these arts institutions, thereby updating their roles as centers of educational and cultural production.

To read an article about the Arts & Technology grants in Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation's Focus newsletter, click here.

For more information and a full list of the arts and culture organizations, please see the press release.

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