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Since 1990, the share of Mexicans among New York City's Latinos has increased nearly fivefold, putting this community of New Yorkers on track to becoming the City's largest Latino nationality over the next ten years.

The Mexican immigrant community in New York City is hardworking – they have the lowest unemployment rate among the City’s Latino groups – but are trapped in low-wage jobs that keep individuals and families in or near poverty. Though adults are committed to charting new courses for their families both in the US and back home in Mexico, their children are underperforming academically – they have the lowest rates of school enrollment, educational engagement and degree attainment. Mexicans are a relatively new immigrant group and, compared to others, have fewer civic institutions, shallower community roots and the least developed English-language abilities.

Deutsche Bank's Anchoring Achievement in Mexican Communities initiative aims to improve the long-term educational and economic well-being of children, youth and families of Mexican origin in New York City. The initiative seeks to ameliorate the barriers facing Mexican and Mexican-American students through relevant research and high-quality programs and services.

The initiative targets young learners (pre-school through grade 3) who do not have the proper support to be ready to enter and perform in school, and high school students who need support to remain in learning activities that better equip them for advancement in the world of work. At the heart of this effort are neighborhood-based networks of nonprofits, schools, libraries and other community institutions.



Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation engaged Community Service Society of New York to conduct research on the education, employment and income trends for children and youth of Mexican origin in New York City, and their families. more


High Quality Programs and Services

The goals and strategy of the Anchoring Achievement in Mexican Communities initiative focus on strengthening the education pipeline for Mexican and Mexican-American students and deepening family engagement. more


Neighborhood Networks

Anchoring Achievement supports "neighborhood networks” in all five NYC boroughs, comprised of community nonprofits, schools, libraries and others which serves as integrated education hubs. more



Relevant publications and articles covering the initiative. more

NYIC 2014 gala


The New York Immigration Coalition honored Deutsche Bank with a 2014 Builders of the New New York Award in recognition of the Anchoring Achievement in Mexican Communities initiative. more

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