Art builds.
Art questions.
Art transcends borders.
Art works.

Deutsche Bank opens up the world of contemporary art to the public through its own substantial collection, its exhibitions and its joint projects with partners.

Around the world. For more than thirty years. more

The Americas Collection
Committed to the present

Located in major cities across the Americas, the Deutsche Bank Collection presents cutting edge contemporary art works. Across 30 branches, nearly 7,000 drawings, photographs and prints are on view by distinguished artists from different countries who share the common language of art.

Frieze Art Fair 
The New York Collection Highlights 

The art magazine

Travel time is reading time. ArtMag recommends current art literature for trips. But books have also inspired contemporary artists, including Moshekwa Langa. The poetic works of the South African are inspired by James Joyce's "Ulysses." Meanwhile, Arturo Herrera uses books as material. The Berlin-based artist "decorates" discarded books with collages and painting and thus transforms them into art objects.

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May 8-15, 2020
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Feb 22- Oct 25, 2020

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