Engaging youth
Changing lives

Everyone is born with talent and drive. But opportunities to fully develop skills and realize ambitions through high-quality educational experiences are not equally available to all.

Regardless of race, gender, class or native language, young people across the Americas desire and deserve access to the pathways leading to educational attainment, employment, social engagement and economic mobility.  

Our youth engagement program Born to Be aims to unlock the potential of the next generation by breaking down barriers to opportunity and supporting inclusive and innovative educational environments for all.

We’re going to help this generation become who they were born to be.

  • Strategy STH: Stable, Thriving & Healthy

    This new grants program supports a coordinated continuum of resources for students experiencing homelessness to address their educational needs and further their well-being. more

  • Anchoring Achievement in Mexican Communities

    Our Anchoring Achievement initiative aims to improve long-term educational and economic well-being for children, youth and families of Mexican origin in New York City. more

  • Center for an Urban Future

    New research explores a leading cause of drop-out: the non-tuition expenses that financial aid does not cover. more

  • Harlem RBI

    Harlem RBI uses the power of teams to coach, teach and inspire young people, helping them recognize their potential and realize their dreams. more

  • Bottom Line

    Bottom Line supports first-generation college students from the first steps of the college application process all the way through college graduation. more

  • Citizens' Committee for Children of NY

    This civic leadership program trains high schoolers to develop public policy solutions for the issues that directly affect them in their schools and communities. more

  • MOCA Jacksonville

    MOCA Jacksonville's Voice of the People program develops fourth graders' critical thinking, writing and communication skills through the study of contemporary art. more

  • Strive for College

    We partnered with Strive for College to help qualified, low-income high school students across the US apply to, enter and afford their best-fit college. more

  • Instituto Ayrton Senna

    Throughout the state of São Paulo, Instituto Ayrton Senna promotes the teaching of academic, social and emotional skills for students' complete development. more

  • Raising A Reader

    Our partnership with RAR helps children and their families build strong reading routines at home, which are foundational for school success. more

  • Fiver Children's Foundation

    Fiver’s comprehensive programs support children for a full 10 years, from age 8 to age 18, and prepare them for success in college and beyond. more

  • Sadie Nash Leadership Project

    Sadie Nash empowers young women to take ownership of their educational journey and have a say in social, political and economic decision-making. more

  • Prep for Prep

    Our partnership with Prep for Prep provides students of color with high-quality internships, career seminars and professional skills workshops. more

  • Comunidad Panal

    Working in Chile's most vulnerable schools, Panal trains students to see themselves as drivers of important change in their own lives and in their communities. more

  • Proeducación

    Our nonprofit partner Proeducación is building libraries in some of Mexico’s most under-resourced schools, and bringing communities together to promote learning. more

  • The Deutsche Bank Challenge

    We're challenging engineering students in Peru to solve real-world problems. In the process, they're gaining the hands-on experience that employers want. more

  • Two Together

    Through the Two Together tutoring and mentoring program, employee volunteers work one-on-one with public school students to help them reach new heights. more

  • Anti-Violence Project (AVP)

    Our partnership with AVP gives LGBTQ youth a chance to see themselves in a positive, affirming light and connects them to free education and counseling services. more

  • Fondation Forge

    In Argentina, employees are providing career coaching to economically disadvantaged young people through a partnership with Fondation Forge. more

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters

    Our partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City pairs corporate volunteers with middle and high school students for a full year of one-to-one mentorship. more

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