Leadership Incubator supports employees and nonprofit leaders

July 2017 │ New York

The CSR Leadership Incubator offers a range of supports for employees who serve, or would like to serve, on a nonprofit board, as well as those organizations' executive directors.

John Eydenberg, Chairman of the Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation Board and Vice Chairman of CIB Americas, introduced the first training, on the theme of co-leadership. He reflected on his own nonprofit board service, including with the organization Prep for Prep, and on his experience as co-founder of the Veterans on Wall Street (VOWS) coalition. 

Eydenberg said that the bank’s support of employees’ passions, and of their drive to make a difference, “is one of the things that not only keeps me here but makes me excited to be here.” He thanked employees for their commitment to board service, which he said strengthens the bank's relationships with nonprofits in the region. He also noted the unique networking opportunities that board service provides, adding, “Connecting with other engaged businesspeople around a shared purpose can be just as powerful as showing up with a great pitch book."

The Co-Leadership training focused on the roles and responsibilities of nonprofit board members in contrast with those of the Executive Director and senior staff. Participants discussed the optimal balance of authority between an organization’s board and executive director, as well as the ideal boundaries and areas of overlap between the two.

“We chose to begin our series with this topic,” said Alessandra DiGiusto, Head of CSR Americas, “because clarity about roles and relationships is one of the fundamental building blocks of a strong board.” She said the team designed the CSR Leadership Incubator to help fill a critical skills gap in the nonprofit sector while supporting employees’ development as leaders in the community and within the firm. The curriculum is based on feedback from employees and nonprofit managers about their top challenges.

Three more trainings are scheduled for this fall, each on a different key aspect of board service. Employees who serve on boards are welcome to attend on their own or accompanied by their nonprofit organization’s executive director. Additional sessions will be offered for employees interested in joining their first board.

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