Social Investments

Deutsche Bank’s strategy for alleviating poverty extends beyond philanthropy to include innovations in socially responsible investing that widen the scope of its programs and deepen the impact that can be made on the disenfranchised. The Bank leverages both the strength of its balance sheet and the power of its human capital to work with communities all over the world, providing their individuals with the tools necessary to lead a self-supporting life.
Program Areas

U.S. Community Development

Deutsche Bank uses its capabilities as a global investment bank to create economic opportunities in distressed communities. more


Deutsche Bank is a leader in the field of microfinance, helping the poor access credit to build their way out of poverty. more

Social Venture Funds

The New Initiative Fund fills the capital gap for innovative projects working their way towards mainstream commercial financing. more


See how Deutsche Bank has deployed $2.5 billion in capital to social enterprises and projects throughout the Americas and the world.
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Last Update: March 8, 2019
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